Thursday, August 26, 2010

Free Bob Haircuts, an All-Bug Dinner, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- An ex-con who served a decade in prison for attempted murder was arrested for killing a brave kosher Brooklyn liquor store clerk. NY Daily News

A Brooklyn Heights hair school is offering free graduated bob haircuts by licensed stylists.  Brokelyn

- Accused Brooklyn identity thief: "You got me by the balls."  NY Post via Gothamist

- Brownstoner reports on delicious Brooklyn dining ideas including a best under-the-radar choice from Eater (Jack the Horse Tavern), an all-bug dinner, and a handful of new dining spots.  Brownstoner

- Tree down on Orange Street in Brooklyn Heights; and there's a pizza truck belonging to small budget movie nearby.  BHB

- Video catches British woman throwing cat away for no earthly reason.  NY Magazine

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