Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Saint Ann's Most Recent Headmaster All Settled in at Brooklyn Friends School

After six years at Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn Heights, headmaster Larry Weiss has moved just a few blocks to Downtown Brooklyn, to head Brooklyn Friends School.

The NY Times recently reported that Dr. Weiss had many accomplishments at Saint Ann's, including quintupling the endowment and fixing the school’s crumbling infrastructure. But apparently, according to the (somewhat obscure) Times article, some person or persons at Saint Ann's didn't like the fact that Weiss wasn't Stanley Bosworth, Saint Ann's brilliant but just a wee bit bonkers  mythic  unconventional  mad eccentric founding headmaster.

Moving on.

As reported in the Brooklyn Eagle, things seem to be quite different at Dr. Weiss' new school. For one thing, Brooklyn Friends is expanding rapidly and will soon announce a new building for its lower school.

For another, Dr. Weiss doesn't have to try to replace an eccentric founding headmaster.

And then there was that "existential doubt" question, which is now resolved.

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