Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reddit Co-Founder Moving to Brooklyn, Digging Up Bobby Fischer, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit is moving to Brooklyn, and he's looking to invest in early stage startups. Business Insider 

- About half of all supermarkets in New York City were found to violate pricing regulations; problems include inaccurate scanners and lack of prices on products.  Gothamist 

- So they dug up the remains of Brooklyn chess genius Bobby Fischer and found out that he was not the father of Jinky Young.  Brooklyn Eagle

- Crappy end to a concert series in Williamsburg.  NY Times

- Guy selling unauthorized South Brooklyn Casket Company T-shirts is given an ultimato.  Brooklyn Paper 

-New Monopoly properties for a changing economy.  College Humor  via  Huff Post

-Sleezy "agricultural sweatshop" egg factory linked to nationwide salmonella outbreak.  NY Times

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