Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cabs to Brooklyn Getting Scarce, Lamp Post Lady Gets Off, and More Brooklyn Briefs

 - How did we know this would happen? Cabbies don't want to drive to Brooklyn at night anymore.  Brownstoner

- Hurricane riptides roil the Atlantic Coast; one dead, one missing.   Huff Post 

- A creep threw his pit bull off a roof in Red Hook, and nobody knows how much time he should spend in jail.  Brooklyn Eagle 

- A bill has been introduced that would require the city to trap raccoons at the request of the public.  Queens Crap

- 13 hurt in suspicious Bed-Stuy fire.  NY Times

- Brooklyn woman who tried to claim a downed lamp post fell on her is getting off scot free.  Brooklyn Eagle

- ChatRoulette version 2.0 is still totally gross.  Fast Company

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