Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tio Pio Menu: "Cheap and Delicious" in Downtown Brooklyn

 A lot of people seems pretty happy about the prospect of a Tio Pio restaurant moving into the old F. Martinella deli space on Court Street in Downtown Brooklyn. Here's a bit of the menu (click to enlarge):

They specialize in Latin dishes featuring chicken with sides like yucca, platanos, rice and beans, but ther menu is quite large.

There's another Tio Peo on Willoughby Street between Lawrence and Bridge, which has favorable reviews on Yelp. "Cheap and delicious."

- Brooklyn's F. Martinella Deli, Open for Business

Photo by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

Are those sandwich prices correct? Seems waaaaay to low.

Brings to mind the Oriol Deli, which existed catty corner (where American Aparrel is now located), which had a similar low price (but even they weren't that low) menu. And delicious rotisserie chicken before it was cool. I don't recall when they closed, but they were present at least through the early to mid 90s.

mcbrooklyn said...

We LOVED the Oriol Deli. Such juicy and moist rotisserie chicken. People from all corners of the neighborhood (which wasn't so fancy at the time, what with the XXX movie theater down the block!) would happily wait in line to get the best chicken in Brooklyn. We mourn their passing to this day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for remembering the Oriol deli. My mouth waters in the recollection. The mac and cheese was greasy, but divine. Someday, someday, I promised myself, someday after I finished school and paid off the loans I would order both a chicken and the mac and chsese for a full mealtime extravaganza, then I knew life would be good. Alas, the loans lived longer than the deli. But I'm ready now!

So have you tried this new poseur and is it just as good? At those prices, the portions must be very small (but how small can a chicken sandwich be at $3?).

The XXX theatre--never went in (or the porn shop down the street), but loved it. The titles would change Tuesday and Thursdays and it always brought a chuckle.

And the bag guy ("laundry bags, one dollar"). But enough reminisces, I'm sounding old.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read carefully enough & didn't realize it wasn't open yet.

Anonymous said...

the prices on the menu have changed, the poster has used a very old menu panflet, i went in to one of their locations and they prices have changed and the food has been updated and upgradeted, to me the best chicken in town