Monday, August 16, 2010

Ridiculous Lines at Grimaldi's Expected Till November, 2011

The line in front of Grimaldi's Pizza on Old Fulton Street in DUMBO now extends all the way to Pete's Downtown restaurant at the end of the block. Cars cruise slowly by, causing traffic backups, and tourists on tour buses cruising to Fulton Ferry Landing crane their heads to look at the circus.

The ridiculous lines are expected to keep up until November, 2011, when Grimaldi's lease expires and the whole shooting match will be shut down.

The owner of the building housing Grimaldi's was ordered by a judge Friday to accept late rent payments and allow the restaurant to stay open, according to the Brooklyn Paper, in spite of a 2008 contract stipulating that Grimaldi’s would be evicted if its owner was ever late on payments again.

Meanwhile, some customers are dismayed to find that Grimaldi's doesn't accept credit cards. Instead, staff members point to an ATM Grimaldi's placed right outside -- where the fee is $4.50 a swipe.

Photo by MK Metz

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chickenunderwear said...

Is the pizza that good. Can it be that good?

bj said...

It's OK. But nothing is worth a line like that unless it's exceptional. It's pizza, for gosh sake.