Monday, August 16, 2010

Bedbugs On Four Floors at the Brooklyn DA's Office

Bed bugs were found on four floors of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office on Jay Street in Downtown Brooklyn Friday, reports the Brooklyn Eagle, and now lawyers at Brooklyn Supreme Court are a wee bit worried that the critters might spread to the courthouse hidden in files and paperwork.

We'd be worried, too.  If the bugs have already spread to four floors, that's a massive infestation.

The Brooklyn D.A.’s office "shares a roof" with the Brooklyn Marriott. But the Marriott told the Eagle that the foul insects "didn’t breach hotel security."

UPDATE: The Above the Law blog has gotten ahold of amusing internal Brooklyn D.A. emails about the bed bug crisis.

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Queen of the Click said...

Every time I read about Bedbugs in Brooklyn, I get the heebee gee bees.

Anonymous said...

Wait, if the Marriott shares a roof, doesn't that mean it's in the same building?

Nagato said...

Its not much different over here in Washington DC. You'd be surprised at some of the places I've had to do bed bug inspections and treatments. Our city is nothing but a "little NYC"