Monday, July 25, 2011

Legal Troubles at Fortune House Chinese Restaurant in Brooklyn Heights?

Fortune House Chinese restaurant at 82 Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights has been closed for several weeks and habitual customers are getting restless.

"There was a sign saying they'd be reopening the 18th," said one woman, a regular. "Here it is the 24th. There's a new sign now," she added. "It says they're renovating."

Legal Troubles?

Can legal troubles be behind the delay? Fortune House's actual name is "Golden Nut Restaurant."

The restaurant is being sued by three employees -- Manuel Chiqui, Angel Miranda-Alvarado and Eddie Miranda-Vasquez -- in a case related to the Fair Labor Standards Act. The Act covers issues like minimum wage ($7.25), overtime pay, record-keeping, and youth employment standards.

The case was filed July 8 in New York Eastern District Court.

See UPDATE here.

Photo by MK Metz

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bj said...

Hope they reopen -- I bought a friend a $30 gift certificate to Fortune House before they closed!