Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MiMi and CoCo's Teriyaki Balls Crazy Hit at Smorgasburg

That rumble you heard Saturday was the crowd rushing towards MiMi and CoCo's Teriyaki Balls Japanese street food tent at Smorgasburg -- the all-food outdoor market in Williamsburg.

It seems like everybody in Williamsburg has already heard about these balls. The darn things (they come in shrimp, potato and sausage flavor) are infectious beyond their simple ingredients. The line was non-stop all afternoon and by 4 p.m. a TV Tokyo crew was filming the action for the next's day's broadcast in Japan.

MiMi and CoCo cook the balls in a special cast iron grill so the outside is crisp while the inside remains a bit gooey. Then they cover the balls with two sauces along with tempura crisps and sliced almonds. You get six balls for $5.

Note: MiMi and CoCo are not at Smorgasburg every week! They will be there next on July 23. Here is their full schedule.

Photos by MK Metz

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Anonymous said...

These Teriyaki balls are incredibly addictive! I like mine spicy and ask the cute girls to put pepper flakes on them!

Anonymous said...

Agreed. We liked them so much we tried to make them at home. It was a total disaster. It takes skill and perseverance. Plus you really have to know what you are doing. Which we don't. Back to Mimi and Coco's!