Friday, July 15, 2011

Molester In Downtown Brooklyn; Mummy Smuggling; Scarano Loses; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Police search for man accused of molesting 5-year-old-girl in Downtown Brooklyn. CGP

- A Brooklyn man beat his teen stepdaughter to death yesterday, drove away in his Mercedes, flipped the car, and was arrested. NY Daily News

- Construction protest at 20 Henry Street. Brooklyn Eagle

- Mummy smuggling ring busted in Brooklyn. Gothamist

- Court: Architect Scarano is absolutely banned from filing construction plans. TRD

- Man who dismembered 8-year-old boy is pulling the old "hearing voices" excuse. SFGate

- Complaints about speeding dollar vans blowing through the stop signs at Prospect Place and Carlton. Brooklynian

- A Bay Ridge Assemblywoman is fighting to get bus service restored to the community, and it's starting to work. Brooklyn Eagle

- 7 tools to make your bike commute less terrible. Gizmodo

- Scientists find evidence that global warming is eroding the ability of the ocean to soak up CO2, which may lead to even more global warming. TheNews

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Anonymous said...

Wow complaints on three vans going through an intersection. So many what will we do? Call Marty!

Anonymous said...

Hmm the yuppie 7 items for the bike commute. At least the rich persons.