Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Gateway II Flap; Gage & Tollner Goes Glitzy; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Brooklyn Assemblywoman Inez Barron wants to know why Related Companies is paying only $14.5 million for the land for Gateway II, when it had originally agreed to pay $32.5 million. Brooklyn Eagle

- How low can you go? Now the historic Gage & Tollner space is a discount jewelry store. Gothamist

- Every time we go to IKEA we spend $100. This weekend, spend that $100 and eat for free. Brokelyn

- "Bullets were literally whizzing down the street" in Vinegar Hill. (Or was it firecrackers?) Dumbo NYC

- One quarter of all the "Greenest Block in Brooklyn" residential semifinalists are in Bed-Stuy. BBG

- Brooklyn lesbian couple sues resort over gay wedding. Brooklyn Eagle

- Potholes reported to the 3-1-1- website are falling into a black hole. NY Daily News

- He can rot in hell, but we can't get enough of Murdoch's Tiger Wife. Guardian

- We still don't understand how this women's urinal works. Gothamist

- If you see this warning from Google when you're searching, pay attention! Google Online Security

- 12 tips to make your smartphone battery last longer. Huff Post

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JT said...

I actually got that Google warning last night! I was worried it was itself a Trojan, but when I ran Malwarebytes it found a virus in Explorer (though I use Firefox I keep a copy of Explorer around for backup).