Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Macbeth Coming to Carroll Park

Smith Street Stage will come to Carroll Park again this year for two weeks of Macbeth on July 13 - 17 & July 19 - 24, 7 pm. There's no admission for this innovative take on the Bard, although donations will be accepted to support these performances and other projects from SSS.

A small cast, live music, gifted actors and modern dress (unlike the poster above) will be featured as the artists of SSS bring to life this harrowing tale of present fears and horrible imaginings.

Photo: Poster of Thos. W. Keene in William Shakespeare's Macbeth, c. 1884, W.J. Morgan & Co. Lith. Courtesy Library of Congress via Wikipedia.

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Smith Street Stage said...

Hello Mcbrooklyn (good name by the way),

We noticed your post and thought you might like a poster and a little more info about our event.

Shoot us an email at and I'll send it your way.

Hope to see you in the park!

Beth Ann Leone