Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More On Closing and Lawsuit at Fortune House Chinese Restaurant

Brooklyn Heights residents are going into serious Chinese food withdrawal as the locally-popular Fortune House Chinese restaurant stays mysteriously closed. McBrooklyn first reported on Fortune House's closing -- and legal troubles -- Monday.

The Brooklyn Eagle has looked into the extended closing and examines whether a pending federal lawsuit is contributing to the delay.

The Eagle reports that three employees -- Manuel Chiqui, Angel Miranda-Alvarado and Eddie Miranda-Vasquez -- are claiming almost $150,000 in damages, allegedly for unpaid minimum wages and unpaid overtime compensation.

But the lawsuit may have nothing to do with the extended closing of the restaurant. A friend of the restaurant's owner told the Eagle, “They trying to remodel and renovate the outside. What’s good is that it opening again soon.”

(We've also learned that Fortune House's actual name is "Golden Nut Restaurant." )

Another UPDATE here.

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