Thursday, June 14, 2007

DeBlasio: Scarano 'Bad Actor' and Cheat -- And DOB Ignores Self-Certification Shenanigans

At the June 6 press conference to protest the controversial 46-unit, 70-foot-tall Scarano building to occupy the corner of Smith Street and 2nd Place, City Council Member Bill de Blasio pulled no punches. He called Scarano a “bad actor” who “cheats in any way he can” creating “pain and difficulty” for the residents who live around his building sites, according to the Brooklyn Eagle's Hills & Gardens editor, Trudy Whitman.

Oh, and De Blasio called on New York State to revoke Scarano’s architect’s license.

Though Scarano lost the privilege of self-certification last year because of "blatant" violations of code in numerous projects, says Whitman, the Department of Buildings recently “accidentally” approved a set of Williamsburg plans as professionally certified by Scarano -- until upset neighbors pointed the problem out to the DOB. Oops!

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