Friday, June 15, 2007

Rape Reported in Prospect Park

Police are investigating a rape in Prospect Park Friday morning, according to a.m. New York via Gothamist.

The 34-year-old woman was walking with her boyfriend near the ballfields about 1:30 a.m. when a man confronted them,saying he had a gun, according to a.m. New York. The couple ran off but split up and the suspect tracked down the woman and raped her.

More here.

UPDATE: Victim's boyfriend is a cop: here.

UPDATE: Prospect Park rapist may have attacked women in Queens: here.

UPDATE: Olympic athlete from Trinidad arrested in Prospect Park rape: here.


Henry said...

Nice blog!

mcbrooklyn said...

Thanks for the positive comment. We appreciate it!

guyfromdobro said...

What kind of a man seperates from his girlfriend during a situation like this. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Be careful out there!
Isn't the Park closed after dusk??????

Anonymous said...

Heard that crime is up in Brooklyn -- wonder if this kind of thing is going to increase?

Anonymous said...

There's something smelly about this whole story. It was reported in Newsday that the couple were walking through the park and were confronted by a gunman. They turned and ran and decided to split up and that's when the attacker tracked down the woman and raped her in a wooded area. The Post reports that the boyfriend is an off-duty cop and that the couple were in a car.

Now how the heck do you confront someone outside your car and then get separated from the attacker and your girlfriend? The only way I can see that happening is if the boyfriend was wounded by the rapist, but there has been no mention of that.

I told my wife that in a situation like that where we are both unarmed, we stick together and stand a better chance of fighting off a piece-of-feces like this rapist. When we are in Connecticut, where I hold a carry license, she is to get away and call 911 while I deal with the threat.

I lived in Brooklyn most of my life and stories like this really make me sick. The good people of Brooklyn really need to stand up to these low-lives. If would be rapists and muggers start getting killed or seriously injured, you can bet it won't be long before they try something safer -- like find a real job.

Anonymous said...

> The only way I can see that
> happening is if the boyfriend was > wounded by the rapist, but there > has been no mention of that.

There's another less-generous explanation. The fact that the cop did not subdue a short light-weight attacker who never showed a weapon, and then did not try to immediately locate the woman, who could not have been too far away if the rapist could track her down, suggests to me that she wasn't really his girlfriend. The fact that they were using a car as a bedroom and the fact that he didn't identify himelf as a police officer, perhaps in an effort to conceal his identity, corroborate this suspicion. A prostitute or a mistress, perhaps? Either way, the cop would have been wrong not to defend her. Nonetheless, it would help explain why the cop did not protect her when presumably it was within his power; he was only concerned with his own safety and was forced to return to the scene later only because he left his car there.

There might be another explanation. Perhaps he got lost trying to find her. But, given the evidence, such explanations strike me as more far-fetched.