Friday, October 5, 2007

Aspiring Writers Finding It Tough Going in Fort Greene?

Stephanie at sent us this video about luxury condos sprouting up in Fort Greene -- like Greenhouse, for example. This seems to be impeding the ability of aspiring writers to find a place to live.


Anonymous said...

That was awful.

Besides the fact that Brooklyn Heights probably has more of a literary history than Fort Greene, two of the three authors she mentions (Krauss and Foer) live in Park Slope!

Next time, a little fact checking please.

Anonymous said...

I also had doubts about these facts. Who ARE these people?

Anonymous said...

Into the Box TV - interesting site. I haven't have time to see all the videos -- is there an agenda?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious. i just watched the video on toilets. They did a segment on high end 'flushers' and also one on NYC parking spaces with George W looking stunned. Brilliant.