Thursday, November 6, 2008

Commerce Bank Disappears Overnight, Replaced by Canadian TD Bank

Commerce Bank disappeared on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights Saturday, as it did at 575 other locations.

Green signs bearing the unfamiliar TD brand were quickly installed, and thank goodness, the clock was returned to standard time. It had been stuck in military time for weeks, and we were getting pretty tired of translating 1800 hours into 6 o'clock.

So who is this TD, and what happened to Commerce?

From BizJournals:
"Headquartered in Portland, Maine, and owned by TD Bank Financial Group of Toronto, Canada, TD Banknorth bought Commerce's parent, Cherry Hill, New Jersey-based Commerce Bancorp in March for $7 billion."

According to a press release published in MarketWatch, the bank may have a new name, but "the brand positioning as 'America's Most Convenient Bank,' with its legendary focus on convenience and service, remains unchanged."

The legendary lines remain unchanged as well, we notice.

Thank goodness the legendary change machine is still working! This is where we bring in all those pennies that we have been collecting to pay off our credit cards . . .

TD stands for Toronto–Dominion.

Photos by MK Metz

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JesseJack said...

This was really annoying. I had a Commerce Account and no one from the bank told me before it happened, it just suddenly changed names (and color schemes).

Anonymous said...

Yes, JesseJack this was absolutely annoying. Not only you lot of people suffering for this. I can't believe it may possible.

bj said...

Same thing happened to us at WaMu. Were all these banks giant Ponzi schemes?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

whatever, TD is a more sound financial organisation that any US bank - no wonder the Canadian Banks are swallowing them up...
TD with Commerce/Banknorth and RBC with Centura. Wonder who Scotiabank, CIBC and Bank of Montreal will buy?

Anonymous said...

I miss Commerce Bank. The cheap Canadians (TD) have cut back on the staffing and hours of operation. So, it is no longer the bank that we had known for convenience and service under the Commerce label. I want Commerce back!!