Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Brooklyn's 'Toxic Preschool' Boss Charged With Fraud

Andy Lewis, the man who defrauded a school full of parents out of their tuition money when he closed down his shoddy Boerum Hill preschool (Brooklyn Children's Academy Preschool, or BCAP, seen left), was arrested last Wednesday on charges of defrauding the government out of half a million dollars.

According to two stories in the Brooklyn Eagle (here and here) and in other papers including the Daily News, the NY Post and the NY Times, Lewis defrauded the Department of Agriculture’s National Child Food Program of more than $500,000 in funds that were supposed to have been used to feed children participating in after-school programs run by Lewis' questionable umbrella organization, Better Brooklyn Community Center (BBCC).

This shouldn't surprise anybody: According to a series of stories over the past year in the Brooklyn Eagle, Lewis also neglected to pay his teachers or his landlord, and he opened up his preschool at 25 Dean Street without a license.

Back in February, Lewis told Councilwoman Letitia James that he couldn't return parents' tuition and deposits because he was flat broke. According to the Eagle, Lewis owes parents anywhere from $70,000 - $100,000.

The Daily News says he cried at his court appearance. A fine move, but bail was still set at $100,000. Should be no problem for a guy who allegedly pocketed $500,000 meant to feed low-income Brooklyn children.

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