Monday, August 22, 2011

Surreal Giant Food Experience at Brooklyn IKEA

We didn't realize on when we went to the Brooklyn IKEA on Friday that it was all-you-can-eat-crayfish day.

Giant red crayfish (called crawfish or mudbugs in Louisiana) were wandering around the store, freaking out small children.

Sadly, we don't eat mudbugs -- especially giant ones -- and on crayfish day that's all they serve. So we went hunting for something at the "Bistro," where the line was a mile long.

On the way there we saw this giant sign hanging from the ceiling promoting all-beef hot dogs for only 50 cents.

 Then we noticed the little type on the lower right-hand corner of the sign.

Are they trying to tell us we don't get a six-foot hot dog for 50 cents?

IKEA you are a strange place sometimes.

Photos by MK Metz

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Nann said...

Why, I fancy dinner from a dump truck rather than buying this tasty, low priced food!!!

Nann said...

darn it!

Why, I patrol my space, and I turn around my corner, and watch the news hopping the day will survive just one last day for me. I can't afford any more people moving, finding a way to live up to their own personal egotistical potential. They must cut hrs in any way. ANY WAY...

Anonymous said...

Intelligence smelligence Sign da frigin paper.... Look, I HANDLE the HANDCOCKS 'ROUND HARE! Look, da cashiers GOTTA UNDERSTAND.... MY DICTION-FRICTION!! on the pad POOPY POO. Because i'm nann da GO-GO HEARTS, Mann, I LOVE... but cashiers, are like nice BALLPOINT PENS hacked AND cut by Yours Truly for their religious beliefs....