Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fortune House to Re-Open Soon! UPDATE: Under New Management

See UPDATE below.

Residents of Brooklyn Heights have been suffering from Chinese food withdrawal ever since Fortune House Chinese Restaurant at 82 Henry Street closed for renovations.

When the "renovations" dragged on and on and no visible activity was seen taking place at the popular,   moderately-priced eatery, many assumed the restaurant was finito. (Legal troubles added fuel to the fire.)

If you miss Fortune House, the news is positive. The manager said that they are aiming to reopen the restaurant the day after Labor Day (which is Monday). This means, if they meet their goals, the restaurant could be open by next Tuesday, September 6.

According to the manager, renovations are taking place in the kitchen. They also plan to repaint the dining room. We are hoping all goes as planned because the North Heights needs a dependable, inexpensive Chinese joint like Fortune House.

UPDATE: The NY Post reports that the longtime owners have sold the restaurant to a new management team -- which promises to pay workers legal wages. Also, they're hiring.

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Photo by MK Metz

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