Thursday, September 6, 2012

Black, Vaguely Menacing Banners Blanket Prospect Heights

Creepy black banners with an X-ray-style image of a seemingly radioactive cityscape under the chilling words, "September Is Just the Beginning" have suddenly appeared all over Prospect Heights.

Atlantic Yards Report, which has photos of the banners, said people in the neighborhood voiced "widespread" dismay at a meeting last night.

Terrorist threat?

Forest City Ratner says no, it's just "the Barclays Center marketing program, sold via NYC and Company," the city tourism agency.

Great imagery, guys.

UPDATE: The banners have mysteriously disappeared, AYR reports

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Unknown said...

It couldn't be much scarier that seeing a black blanket out on the street. Even if it's not a terrorist threat or attack, it's still quite disturbing to see especially to the children who still don't understand the world.

Anonymous said...

Why does this comment make no sense but still sound like it does? Written by a bot?