Monday, September 17, 2012

Horrible Smell From Bay Ridge Hole to Hell; Commenters Blame Obama, Immigrants

Remember that giant sinkhole at 92 Street in Bay Ridge? The one that could take another month to fix?

It’s gone from bad to worse, reports CBS. It seems that at the bottom of that 70-foot hole is a 110-year-old sewer -- which has unleashed a non-stop sickening smell into the neighborhood.

Residents have to keep their windows shut and AC on, and they say the smell is making them sick.

So who's to blame? 

According to the CBS commenters (and this is no joke) these are the culprits:
Muslims, Bloomberg (various spellings, including Gloomberg), liberals, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton, progressives, President Obama, Occupy Wallstreet, the media, the unions, Democrats (various spellings, including DemocRats), and finally, immigrants.

- 50-Foot Sink Hole in Bay Ridge Swallows Tree Whole

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