Monday, August 26, 2013

SUNY Downstate Eats Its Words: Signs on LICH Entrances

Hanging on entrance at LICH. Photo: MK Metz
As part of an order issued August 16, Supreme Court Justice Johnny L. Baynes required that SUNY Downstate issue a formal “retraction letter” telling patients that Long Island College Hospital (LICH) LICH clinics are not slated for closure after all.

For the first time, Downstate appears to be complying with a court order. We found this sign posted on an ER room entrance on Sunday.

Completing the wonderfulness, Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Demarest is ordering SUNY to give back the hospital and all the stuff they stole! Since SUNY did not keep their end of the bargain (which was merely to keep the hospital open) the contract giving it to them is void.

Justice Demarest held off the turnover until early September while SUNY and Concerned Physicians of LICH reopen the ICU, Emergency Department and return ambulance services to LICH, according to the Brooklyn Eagle.

Thank you doctors, nurses and patients (including those cute stroller protesters), Bill de Blasio and others who put themselves on the line for LICH!

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Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited yet. The hospital notices were to be in size 36 font - clearly that is not done. The judge also ordered SUNY Downstate to send retraction letters to the thousands of patients who received closure notices in their mailboxes. Nobody has received any retraction letters yet. Two judges said resume ambulance service - but not only is that not done, but now Downstate is trying to negotiate their compliance with the order. They're still asking the judge to let them completely close the entire hospital, keeping only an urgent care center at the ER with an area to accept only simple ambulances to treat, release, or transfer patients to other hospitals. They're still trying to make it so there are No hospital services, no hospital beds. No hospital. Period. Outrageous. They need to just call it a day & go away.

Anonymous said...

SUNY has not complied with one order given by any judge since February. Don't expect them to suddenly start now. How many delays is the judge going to give them before throwing them out? SUNY still wants to close the hospital & keep only an urgent care outfit, not a hospital, not even a real emergency room. The judge needs to stop letting them stall & turn lich over to a temporary operator under the law.