Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hands Off, SUNY: Brooklyn Judge Puts LICH Property in a 'Constructive Trust'

Photo: MK Metz
Supreme Court Justice Carolyn Demarest has imposed “a constructive trust for the benefit of the Othmer Endowment Fund” on all of Long Island College Hospital's (LICH’s) real estate currently in control of SUNY Downstate.

According to the Brooklyn Eagle, this type of trust is meant to transfer property to "the rightful owner."

This could be the first step towards righting a terrible wrong -- the looting of a trust set up by a local wealthy couple to benefit LICH.

In her ruling, Justice Demarest reminded SUNY that funds previously “borrowed” in 2000, 2006 and 2011 from the Othmer Endowment Fund at LICH must be restored by SUNY/ LICH.

SUNY has previously indicated, figuratively, that it will pay back this money when the SUNY trustees grow wings.

Justice Demarest also asked for a full accounting of the money that passed between LICH and SUNY.

Kudos to Justice Demarest and also Supreme Court Justice Baynes, for not allowing SUNY to make a mockery of the law in Brooklyn.

More on this story here.

In another development, Justice Demarest extended the deadline for SUNY to return and fully staff LICH’s emergency department and intensive care unit. More about that here.

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