Monday, August 5, 2013

Beyonce's 'Mrs. Carter Show'; Vito Lopez; Bomb Prop Fail; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- Woman drives from Queens to Brooklyn with man clinging to roof of her SUV. It doesn't end well. [ABC News]

- 15 thoughts on Beyonce’s 'Mrs. Carter Show' in Brooklyn. [Vibe]

NYC's health insurance company, EmblemHealth, has raised the city's rates every year for the last 15 years. Now they finally have to bid. [Brooklyn Eagle]

- Vito Lopez campaign mailer doctors photo featuring Hillary Clinton. [NY Daily News]

- Time Warner Cable may blackout CBS for weeks -- even online. [Gothamist]

- Instead of caring for maybe six patients, some nurses at Methodist Hospital in Park Slope have to care for more than 20 since LICH went on ambulance diversion. [ABC News]

- Playwright's suicide bomb prop put cops on alert, cleared Bedford Street. [Gothamist]

- Pregnant woman sits on bench in Queens park on Sunday. Tree falls on her and she dies. [NY Daily News]

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