Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ten Things We Learned About Anthony Weiner Today

Anthony Weiner, Brooklyn Eagle
With all the stink about Anthony Weiner's private indiscretions, the little details -- like where he stands on the issues -- have been kind of lost.

As of yesterday, Weiner was still intent on running for Mayor of New York City. That being the case, the Brooklyn Eagle interviewed him, and oddly enough, the interview focused on political issues.

Here are ten things we learned about Weiner:

1. He wants to experiment with a city-administered single-payer health insurance plan.

2. He thinks the city never should have closed all those hospitals.

3. You know Bill de Blasio’s plan to save healthcare by forming a Brooklyn Hospital Authority? Weiner says he thought of that first.

4.. He's OK with selling air rights over libraries and senior centers to developers.

5. He's OK with Atlantic Yards, but thinks the affordable housing and public benefits should have come first, before the arena.

6. Brooklyn's Tech Triangle is all well and good, but we really need middle class jobs.

7. He looks forward to "an open and confrontational relationship" with the City Council.

8. Giving Mayor Bloomberg a third term was “a low point in the city’s history.”

9. His administration will be more fun than Mayor Bloomberg's.

10. People are following him.

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