Saturday, August 10, 2013

SUNY vs LICH Hospital Closure Case: A Three-Day Summary of Supreme Court Hearing in Brooklyn

Rally for LICH. By MK Metz
For those who misses the past three days of the epic hearing about the closure of Long Island College Hospital at the Supreme Court in Downtown Brooklyn, here are links describing each day's happenings:

What happened Wednesday: Debates before Justice Johnny L. Baynes about the role of the state Dept. of Health in LICH's closure; who the 90-day notice of hospital closure applys to; questions about an "orderly transition"; and who has standing to sue. Judge Baynes appeals to the parties to settle. Full story about Wednesday's happenings here.

What happened Thursday: Appellate Division dismisses SUNY Downstate’s appeal of temporary restraining orders (TROs) prohibiting the closure of LICH; DOH witness "with personal knowledge" of LICH is a no-show; a DA rep is watching; Justice Baynes again pushes for the parties to reach a settlement. Full story about Thursday's happenings here.

What happened Friday: Two witnesses testify about what is going on inside LICH: One is from DOH, who says she knows absolutely nothing about LICH. The other is a LICH doctor who describes armed guards, locked doors, fired doctors, intimidation, police calls. SUNY says no one has right to sue to keep LICH open; LICH supporters hope to enforce a "standstill" while Justice Baynes mulls over the case. Justice Baynes strongly pushes for the parties to reach a settlement. Full story about Friday's happenings here.

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