Friday, April 5, 2013

The Asbestos Rat Comes to DUMBO's Two Trees

The inflatable union rat was parked outside Two Trees management Company on Washington Street in DUMBO yesterday to protest Two Trees' use of what the union calls the "dangerous company, New York Insulation" to perform asbestos abatement at 350 Kent Avenue.

According to Laborers International Union of North America Local 78, since 2006 New York Insulation and affiliated company Nick’s Insulation (NYI) have been cited at least 110 times for unsafe asbestos abatement by the NYS Department of Labor and dozens more by DEP.

The union filed a lawsuit against the company for failing to pay workers a prevailing wage and overtime, but the company has denied the claims, according to reports.

Whatever the union's beef, according to New York State, New York Insulation has been "debarred and declared ineligible to submit a bid on or be awarded any public work or public building service contract/sub-contract with the state, any municipal corporation or public body in New York State" until 5/16/2017.

New York Insulation was disqualified as well from doing work NYC School Construction Authority Projects until 5/16/2017.

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