Friday, June 28, 2013

Brooklyn Judge Orders SUNY Downstate to Cough Up LICH Financial Documents

LICH. Photo: MK Metz
More on the ongoing saga of SUNY Downstate's attempts to sell Long Island College Hospital (LICH) in spite of the critical need for LICH in western Brooklyn and all sorts of court orders:

A Brooklyn judge has ordered SUNY Downstate Medical Center to account for every single dollar and piece of property it has transferred from Long Island College Hospital (LICH) to itself since it took over LICH in 2011, according to a story published in the Brooklyn Eagle.

Brooklyn Supreme Court Judge Carolyn E. Demarest on Thursday ordered SUNY Downstate to present a full accounting of the convoluted money trail by August 5.

Apparently, the Court originally approved the transfer of LICH’s assets to SUNY Downstate back in 2011 “on the express representation” that “SUNY Downstate will continue Petitioner’s [LICH’s] operation as a hospital.”

Now that SUNY has voted to close LICH and is emptying out the hospital. . . the original order may be enforced by the judge.

SUNY spokesperson Robert Bellefiore told the Brooklyn Eagle late Thursday, “Judge Demarest’s order is being reviewed by SUNY Downstate’s attorneys.”

Betcha it is.

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