Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Councilmember Levin: Put a Moratorium On NYC Charter $chools

Photo by Tax Credits, Flickr
New York City Councilmember Stephen Levin said that charter school spending is “out of control” and called for a moratorium on the opening of all new charters in the city.

In Mayor Bloomberg’s preliminary budget, charter school funds were originally proposed to grow by $70.9 million for Fiscal Year 2014, to a total of $899.3 million.

But somehow, when the budget was updated, funding for charter schools magically increased $210 million – topping $1 billion.

“To increase funding for charter schools by 25 percent in a single year, at a time when the executive budget calls for the decimation of programs that New York City children, families, and seniors depend on, is outrageous," Levin said.

Success Academy Charter Schools told the Brooklyn Eagle, "The reason the city is spending more on charter schools is that more children are attending them, plain and simple."


So because more children are attending libraries across the city, libraries, too, should get more funding -- right?

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Anonymous said...

Here are the details: The city is required by state law to pay charter schools a certain amount per child. As you noted, charter schools are expanding. Libraries are shrinking.


mcbrooklyn said...

A study conducted by the Center for an Urban Future found that libraries in Brooklyn, Queens and New York have experienced a 40% spike in the number of people attending programs and a 59% increase in circulation since 2002. But -- unlike charter schools -- their budgets have been slashed year after year.