Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Former Site of Brooklyn Heights' 'White Voodoo Princess' to Be Razed, Redeveloped

Courtesy Google Maps
Jonathan Rose Cos. is planning to develop a 19-story residential property at 146 Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights, the Real Deal reports.

This cute little wedge of a building was once home to residential tenants and art studios. One studio was occupied by Brooklyn's famous "White Voodoo Princess," Caro Heller. According to the Brooklyn Eagle:

"Her former studio at 146 Pierrepont Street was filled with skeletons, taxidermy and voodoo altars, which sometimes triggered a state of possession in Haitian visitors. 'They started talking in tongues, talking as gods,' [her son] Peter said.

Random people would drop off body parts from time to time.

“A window washer dropped off a skull,” Peter recalled.

Mourning for the old days already . . .

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