Monday, July 13, 2015

Pier 6 Meeting at CB2; Teens Shot Near Brooklyn Museum, and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A CB2 committee to consider Pier 6 towers Monday (tonight) at Polytechnic. [BHB]

- Two teenagers were shot during a West Indian music festival in Mount Prospect Park in Brooklyn on Sunday night, near the Brooklyn Museum. [NYT]

- Former Congressman Anthony Weiner revealed he’ll be both a supporting actor and main course in the upcoming sci-fi farce “Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!” [NY Post]

- NY Times found some young Brooklyn families who left for the burbs . . . THEN RETURNED! [Gothamist]

- When the chips are down, Squadron gets the bark to the park. Brooklyn dogs give appl-paws . . . [Brooklyn Eagle]

- NY Magazine features the 30 best new cheapest places to eat in New York. About a third of them are in Brooklyn. [Grub Street

- Donald Trump has something to say about the Mexican drug lord’s escape, of course. [Politico]

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