Wednesday, March 21, 2007

19-Year-Old Needs Triple Organ Transplant

Kristin Molini, a 19-year-old alumna of St. Saviour High School in Park Slope and a resident of Gravesend, has been placed on a priority transplant list for a stomach, pancreas, and small intestine at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh and is awaiting the call.

Kristin “exemplifies all of the values that we try to engender in our students — integrity, selflessness, strong work ethic, and staunch faith in God,” said Mary D’Emic, director of guidance at St. Saviour High School. “As an eager student, a superb cheerleader, a hospital volunteer, Kristin threw herself into her daily activities with an intensity made all the greater by the fact that each day she battled the spread of gastroparesis, a serious genetic disease that paralyzes the stomach and intestines.”

Kristin’s family has to come up with one million dollars. The St. Saviour Student Council is trying to raise funds. For information on how you can help, you may email Kristin directly at or contact Mrs. Mary D’Emic, director of guidance at St. Saviour High School, (718) 768-4406.

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