Monday, March 12, 2007

Get Ready for the Storm Surge

Everybody's talking about it: Does the thought of an upcoming storm surge make any difference in your decision about where to live? Say, for example, you found a sweet deal on a hot new co-op in Red Hook. Does the realization that your co-op would be smack-dab in ZONE A make any difference to you?

Curbed hosts a couple-a-dozen comments along the lines of "I don't know if a once-a-century (no, once-every-two-centuries) event should force us to make drastic changes;" and "Well, one recent development is that it is nearly impossible to get renters insurance now if you live in an evac zone."

The Office of Emergency Management offers a handy Hurricane Evacuation Zone Finder. Shown here: Red Hook, with a star on Coffey Street. Residents in Zone A (orange) face the highest risk of flooding from a hurricane's storm surge.

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