Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Montague Street Dead?

That's the question the New York Observer asks about the borough's once-premier commercial corridor. Montague Street just doesn’t carry the same cachet, says the Observer, amid the retail resurgence taking place south of Atlantic Avenue. (And see our earlier post about the resurgence taking place ON Atlantic Avenue.)

Judy Stanton, executive director of the Brooklyn Heights Association, told the Observer, “I don’t just hear that the street’s lost cachet—I’ve heard people say there’s nothing to buy and they don’t go there anymore. The shops on Court Street are a lot more interesting. There’s more variety; there are smaller boutiques. They’re the kind of shops the residents here would say they’d like.”

National Chains Coming to Atlantic Near Court and Smith

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Anonymous said...

I once had a store on Montague St. about 35 rears ago , and other store owners and I felt that most of the people who lived in the Heights shopped in Manhattan and elsewhere. we never could figure out what the reason was. I feel the situation is the same, and that the younger generation have difficulty affording Montague St. stores.