Friday, March 2, 2007

Unbrindled Creativity

Searching Google Patents brings up thousands of inventions thought up by Brooklyn inventors over the years. For example,in 1930, Leroy Fletcher Snapp invented a "swimming appliance" that attached to the bottom of each foot that gave a propelling effect similar to that provided by a fish's tail.

In 1915, Newhall and Hescock came up with a method for protecting against torpedoes. It involved a lot of underwater nets.

Oscar F. Boomer, in 1881, received a patent for a new means of rendering lard.

In 2006, Brooklyn's creativity continued unabated. Marcia A. Dixon and Kenneth A. Tarlow received a patent for a multi purpose hand held cleaning device. Anthony Di Bitonto and Mark Muenchinger (from Brooklyn, along with a couple of pals from New York) received a patent for an improved tweezer. Again in 2006, Gennadiy Kitaygorodskiy and Aleksandr Temnorod received patent number 6994344 for "A Historical War Game with Flat Soldiers and a Method for Playing It."

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Here's another one -- The Schmid Detective camera was patented by William Schmid of Brooklyn. It was the first hand-held (no tripod) instantaneous camera manufactured for sale. See for