Sunday, March 11, 2007

One Way Streets Bad Idea, Says Park Slope Civic Counsel

Streetsblog publishes a letter from the Park Slope Civic Counsel to Mayor Bloomberg and local elected representatives about why the City's plan to transform Sixth and Seventh Avenue's into one way streets is a bad idea. It's well worth reading the whole letter, but here are just a few points:

  • At a City Council hearing last week, DOT Commissioner Weinshall boasted of the traffic-calming benefits achieved in Downtown Brooklyn by "converting one-ways to two-ways."
  • At the PSCC’s transportation forum attended by hundreds of residents, there were many complaints about pedestrian safety and dangerous speeding problems on Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West, both fast-moving one-way streets.
  • USA Today recently reported that hundreds of towns and cities around the U.S. are converting their 1950's-era, one-way, through-traffic streets back to slower, more neighborhood- and business-friendly, two-way streets.
See Streetsblog and Park Slope Civic Counsel (important meeting March 15)

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