Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Second Fire in Four Months, At 42 Remsen Street in Heights

Tuesday evening at about 7:45 at least seven fire trucks responded to a fire in Brooklyn Heights that could be smelled all the way down in Cobble Hill. It was the second fire in four months (the last around Thanksgiving) at 42 Remsen Street between Hicks and Montague Terrace. The fire broke out on the third floor, as can be seen in these pictures by photo journalist MK Metz.

A correspondent to the Brooklyn Heights blog said: "This same apartment had a fire on Thanksgiving weekend. Apparently there is a not so right in the head woman living there who collects a lot of paper and garbage ... The family that lives on the ground and parlor floors, who financed the rebuilding of the outside staircase which won them building a Heights Assn award a few years back and had a very, very nice apartment were understandably beside themselves. I believe they suffered a lot of water damage then, and I don't even think that they had moved back in yet. This obviously is much worse - it looks like the building may need to be gutted..."

UPDATE: The full story has now been posted to the Brooklyn Eagle Web site. See here.

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