Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Where to Take a Client for Lunch

Chowhound takes up the meaty topic: Where to Take a Client for Lunch in Brooklyn.

CH correspondent Marion Morgenthal writes: "Le Petit Cafe on Court Street is absolutely charming--they have an enclosed (heated) back garden that's lovely. Good, wide-ranging lunch menu, and it's generally not too crowded during the week. Some other ideas would be Mai, Downtown Atlantic, Jolie or Waterfront Ale House on Atlantic Avenue."

Any other suggestions? Smith Street is easy, but how about in Brooklyn Heights?

Photo by Bruce Denney, Creative Commons license.


Brooklyn Hills said...

In the Heights, I might bring a client to the Heights Cafe.

Anonymous said...

Cube 63, 234 Court Street. I think it's near Baltic. You have to look hard because there isn't much of a sign, but if you like sushi, it beats anything else in Cobble Hill and the Heights.

Soccer Mom said...

Cube 63: I love it but I wouldn't bring a CLIENT there. The music tends towards the funky, especially after like 1:30. I might consider Chance on Smith Street, but it can be a little dark, if you actually have to get some work done. If it's a real client (and you are wearing business attire) and you are on a real expense account, go to the Marriott. Or, like commented above, the Heights Cafe.