Friday, March 30, 2007

Strober Brothers Gone!

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle informs us that the large lumber and building supplies company that one could see down on Pier 3 from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade has disappeared (not actually without a trace, but to Greenpoint):

"Without so much as a 'Bob’s your uncle,' the Strober Brothers Organization, a large building supplies company, has moved from Pier 3 beneath Brooklyn Heights to 11 West Street in Greenpoint. This move was officially completed on Tuesday, March 27, and pretty much completes the removal of tenants from Piers 1 to 6, the site where most of Brooklyn Bridge Park will be constructed...."


Anonymous said...

So sad...Loved Strober Brothers. Nick was amazing and is missed by the industry.

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Strober Brothers was a staple in Brooklyn and just as Nick is missed, Strober on Pier 3 will be too.

Anonymous said...

No more's now ProBuild. The old days of dealing with a local company are gone. Strober is missed and agreed...Nicky was the best! He knew how to take care of his customers.