Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Curtains for Brooklyn Navy Yard's Admiral's Row?

It's probably all over for Brooklyn Navy Yard's Admiral's Row, reports Crain's New York. Most of the buildings that comprise the row of disintegrating 19th-century houses will be torn down to pave the way for a supermarket, sources told them.

The houses are eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The "compromise" plan, which is supposed to be revealed to community groups in late April would preserve "only one of the 10 crumbling residences and a structure known as the Timber Shed," according to Crain's.

The Municipal Art Society emailed Gothamist with the following statement: “If the reported compromise on the future of the Admiral’s Row buildings is true we are deeply disappointed because the majority of these buildings could and should be saved. We will continue fighting to save these important structures."

Last July, the National Guard held an informational forum at Brooklyn Borough Hall to solicit public input about the future of Admiral's Row.

The Navy Yard originally wanted to demolish them all and build the supermarket, with a large parking lot and a light industrial complex.

Preservationists, such as Brent Porter, an architecture professor at the Pratt Institute, developed an alternate plan which calls for "adaptive reuse" of the buildings. This included a supermarket but with a smaller parking lot.

A rally organized by City Councilwoman Letitia James took place on Borough Hall’s front steps. A crowd, bused in by James, demanded the Navy Yard's version.

The two photos below are of renderings that were on display at the rally. Note that these are of the original plan, not the Navy Yard's new "compromise" plan, which is not yet released.

This last rendering is of Brent Porter's "adaptive reuse" plan.

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Bottom photos by MK Metz

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