Monday, March 30, 2009

Serious Eats: Brooklyn Restaurant Week

We just got an email from Erin Zimmer, the Serious Eats New York editor. She's putting together a roundup of recommendations for Brooklyn Restaurant Week and wanted to include picks from Brooklyn bloggers.

We sent in a few lines about our failed attempt to get into the River Cafe Friday, and are looking forward to hearing other bloggers' recommendations about where they plan on eating.

We're going to attempt the R.C. again this week if a lunch hour opens up.

If we do get in: scallop and coconut bisque appetizer, and duck with lingonberry sauce for the main course.

Photo by CarbonNYC, Creative Commons license

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Anonymous said...

I'd say try Cafe on Clinton. Their snow pea soup w/ mini crab cake app & hanger steak is a STEAL.

Cute little place, too. Long list of $19 a bottle wines...worth it.

Kristen said...

I had a great meal at Tempo Presto last week (and was full for an entire day afterwards). Loved the mushroom appetizer.

Brunch at Alto Voce was disappointing, but I'd never been there before and thought I'd give it a try.

This week I hope to hit up Chestnut and baci & abracci. I've given up on RC!

Anonymous said...

To the Cafe on Clinton oh-so-obvious SCHILL -- Cafe on Clinton is horrible. Bad food & bad service. It used to be a favorite of mine, prior to the change of ownership (which was a year or so ago, if I recall correctly), but since then it's gone way down hill. We've given it 3 chances and it got worse each time instead of better.

Ron said...

I tried this restaurant and i think it's very good. I went there during a Brooklyn New York tours. The price are too much expensive so i can give you a council. Go there only once!

elen said...

I was in Brooklyn last years with my boyfriend. While looking for a place to eat dinner on a Friday night, we decided to try something new. Having dined up and down Court & Smith streets, we moved on to Clinton and remembered the cute little cafe in the middle of a residential block. The food was blah. When a restaurant has a short menu and serves small portions you expect the food to really stand out. Besides that I think Brooklyn is a fantastic city. We were there only for two weeks, we did tours in Brooklyn, New York , which helped us to know better! We'll be back for sure!