Monday, March 2, 2009

Heights Books Packs It Up

This was the scene Friday as Heights Books on Montague Street in Brooklyn Heights packed up the last of their books -- and disposed of many in a dumpster out front.

Readers picked through the piles, rescuing books before the rain came.

The store is moving to Smith Street (see the new location here).

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R. B. said...

I'm one of the people who helps to run Heights Books. We got rid of unsale-able books, books that had sat on our shelves for years or nearly a decade with no takers, and books that people were dumping on us. (You wouldn't believe how many times we found sacks of books in front of the store when we opened up each morning.) We tried to donate books, but the problem is that those who would love to get donations of books don't have the resources to come get the books, and we didn't have the resources to get the books to them. One honorable exception: Long Island College Hospital took ten cartons of books, as much as they could pick up, for the patients' library.

As for donating to Housing Works, actually for a good long while Housing Works was giving us their overflow of donations till we found ourselves overwhelmed.

We hope that all our old friends and as many new friends as possible come to see us at our new location, 120 Smith Street (between Pacific and Dean), when we reopen in mid March.

Vanessa said...

hey that was sad..they should have donated those books. It is a sad news for book lovers like me. I once heard a similar incident during my trip to Kolkata. A fire gutted out at the book fair there and after that the book lovers picked up the half-burnt books. Sad Incident indeed. but it still reminds you that there are still some book lovers in this world.