Friday, March 27, 2009

Tough-Ass Grannies, Scary Botnets, Gnarly Bikers and Brooklyn Developers

- Don't you just love tough-ass grannies? New York Magazine does, too. Here you'll find a list of grannies who kicked, shot, and slashed their way through a mountain of young toughs. New York Magazine

- A developer proposes a two-story addition to an existing building at 85 Third Street. He gets approval and a permit from the Department of Buildings. Then he proceeds to tear the existing structure down and puts a new structure in its place. Make sure to check out all the photos on the Pardon Me For Asking blog.

- On April 1, the Conficker botnet goes active. If you use Windows, go to and download every update. "Conficker is shaping up to be the scariest, largest botnet ever to have existed." Unixronin More on Conficker at the NYTimes, via Making Light

- At 11 p.m. Saturday night, a group of cyclists are going to be competing in a "gnarly unauthorized brakeless bike road race" through Red Hook. The quarter-mile course features "several hairpin turns, a fast sprint through the parking lot of a chain retailer, a cobblestone stretch, and a sprint finish." Gothamist

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