Tuesday, May 5, 2009

20 Henry Street Sales Office Dismantled -- UPDATE

Last November everyone was invited to the Open House party for 20 Henry Street (Peaks Mason Mints/“candy factory” building), held at the Sales Office at 114 Henry Street. There was a live band and wine tastings, while down the block demolition of the courtyard at 20 Henry Street -- once the site of artwork and landscaping -- was underway.

Monday, however, workmen carted lumber out of the shuttered and papered-over Sales Office (above).

Last month work at 20 Henry Street stopped. AIG, which put millions in equity into the deal, sued the developers Shelly Listokin, Stan Listokin and David Tropper, according to Brownstoner.

Meanwhile, bits of lumber seem to be making their way around the scaffolding and off the roof, and there's the occasional complaint from someone worried about falling into that enormous pit they've dug where the courtyard used to be.

UPDATE: The owner of 114 Henry Street, Stuart Venner, told the Brooklyn Eagle Tuesday that 114 Henry was “going to be an office, and 116 is going to be an apartment.”

UPDATE: Big Hole in the 'Candy Factory' Roof

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Photo by MK Metz
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