Thursday, April 7, 2011

DUMBO's American Indian/ Alaskan Population Increases 600 Percent

Census maps on WNYC
 While Mayor Bloomberg is furious that the 2010 census appears to have under-counted New Yorkers in many neighborhoods, census figures show that the neighborhood of DUMBO has increased its population 218 percent over the last ten years.(See DumboNYC)

There are 3,604 people living in DUMBO. The breakdown by race shows that whites have increased by 272 percent, blacks by 25 percent Hispanics by 101 percent and Asians by 491 percent.

But American Indians/ Alaskans show the most amazing growth of all comes -- they have increased by a whopping 600 percent in DUMBO! That means that DUMBO's  population of American Indians/ Alaskans has grown from one in 2000 to seven in 2010.

Pre-1600, the population of DUMBO was 100 percent American Indian. They called themselves the Lenape, which means "the People."

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JO said...

you think they're giong to get some new american indian restaurants soon?

mcbrooklyn said...

Heh heh.