Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walcott Gets His Waiver; Park Slope Painted Silver; and More Brooklyn Briefs

- A state panel unanimously recommended that Dennis Walcott get his waiver to become the next chancellor of the NYC school system. NY Times

- Death of Brooklyn waterfront shows greatly exaggerated. WSJ

- 3,000 or so applicants waited two hours or more to attend the Brooklyn Job Fair Wednesday at LIU. Brooklyn Eagle

- Overeager good Samaritans paint Park Slope silver. Gothamist

- Budget cuts mean more trash for outer boroughs. Queens Crap

- The Justice Department said it disabled a “massive fraud scheme” that infected more than 2 million computers worldwide. Businessweek

- To understand the U.S. federal budget, divide by 100,000,000.  Boing Boing

- Researchers have developed a system that allows users to dial a phone number on a cellphone using only their thoughts. Mashable

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