Friday, April 22, 2011

Interesting Timing On Dock Street DUMBO Middle School Announcement

The Brooklyn Eagle reports that Two Trees Management Co. announced yesterday their signed agreement with the NYC School Construction Authority (SCA) for the creation of a new 300-seat public middle school at their proposed Dock Street project in DUMBO.

But the Dock Street middle school has long been approved and budgeted for by the School Construction Authority (search "Dock St" in the 1020-2014 SCA budget). Why this big announcement now?

Could it be related to the letter-writing campaign and petition started by P.S. 8's PTA to extend their school through the 8th grade? Principal Seth Phillips is about a week away from turning in the required paperwork and support for a P.S. 8 middle school.

Could this be the SCA's way of killing P.S. 8's expansion plans?

If so, SCA is wrong. P.S. 8 alone holds more than 500 kids. The Dock Street middle school -- if it is ever built (note lawsuit appeals have not yet been heard) -- would serve 300 kids coming from all over District 13. About 20 schools would be feeding into Dock Street middle school, not just P.S. 8.

Meanwhile, P.S. 8 kids have nowhere to go after they leave elementary school. It's time for a P.S. 8 middle school.

Photo: P.S. 8 by MK Metz

- P.S. 8 Annex Going Up Fast; Now Parents Want a Middle School

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