Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Springs On Your Feet

 We saw these two fitness professionals bouncing around Manhattan the other day wearing "Kangoo Jumps." The devices are described in Gizmag as low-impact rebound shoes that absorb shocks and allow you to jog and exercise in a way that won't hurt your joints.

The Kangoo jumpers looked like they were having fun bouncing down the block, and also looked like they were working pretty hard. While you might think you could run faster with springs on your feet, the devices seemed to slow down their forward motion while increasing their up and down motion.

Kangoo Jumps cost $169 for the Junior Kangoo Jumps, $229 - 259 for the regular models and $279 for the heavy duty models for athletes and big people.

If jumping high in the air is your aim, take a look at Poweriser Jumping Stilts. The company claims they give you the ability "to jump 6 feet in the air and run strides up to 9 feet." (They start at $250). A video on the website shows kids jumping off patio furniture without wearing helmets, something that looks a little dubious.

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