Sunday, May 17, 2015

Amtrak Service to Be Restored Between Philly and NY Monday Morning

Amtrak, by MK Metz
Amtrak says that service will be fully restored between Philadelphia and New York beginning tomorrow morning, Monday, 5/18.

The service restoration is scheduled to be effective in both directions with the departures of Train 110 from Philadelphia at 5:53 AM and Train 111 from New York City at 5:30 AM.

Following the tragic passenger train derailment in Philadelphia, Amtrak says it has completed the installation of an Automatic Train Control (ATC) "code change point" on the west side of the curve where the accident took place, which will ensure trains enter the curve at 45mph.

ATC provides a notification to the engineer when the train approaches a slow-down signal. If the engineer does not respond, the system will automatically apply the train’s brakes.

Investigators are still trying to figure out what caused a circular pattern of damage found on the locomotive's windshield.

Reuters reported late Sunday that the Amtrak engineer driving the ill-fated train made no report of an object hitting windshield before the crash.

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